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Anello Chevalier Smaltato Azzurro


Sterling silver plated gold Chevalier ring with zircons and hand enameled. 

Design exclusive by Thais Bernardes Jewelry

100% made in Italy, Milano.

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Chevalier ring hand enameled blue with green zircons. Thais Bernardes takes up the iconic figure of the Brazilian parrot, a symbol of creativity and freedom, reinterpreting it and transforming it into an elegant and artistic Chevalier. It is part of the Brazilian Soul collection, which aims to bring the positive message of Brazilian vitality through continuous references to nature, from which Thais Bernardes draws inspiration for its unique design. The Chevalier ring with Parrot is in gold-plated silver, covered with a blue enamel to represent the sky. The central figure represents the iconic parrot embellished with a plumage studded with green zircons. 100% Made in Italy

1 Items


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