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Parrots and natural stones earrings
Parrots and natural stones earrings

Parrots and natural stones earrings

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  • gold vermeil on sterling silver
  • polished finishing
  • prong setting
  • natural rose quartz
  • with case and warranty Thais Bernardes
  • Made in Italy
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Parrots and natural stones earrings

Thais Bernardes revisits the iconic figure of the Brazilian parrot, a symbol of creativity and liberty, shape it into an elegant pair of earrings. The detail of a natural pear shape stone which is detachable makes this earring very versatile.

Our stylists suggest to pair the parrot choker with parrot Chevalier ring, to create a lighthearted and feminine style, still capable of carrying meaningful messages.

Thais Bernardes pays homage to nature, her main source of inspiration, reminding us that we should cherish and protect it. Unfortunately, some species of parrot are currently endangered.

The Parrots and natural stones earrings are handcrafted in Italy by the finest artisans.

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