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The Amazon in a Jewel. Homage to the “Plant of Visions” in the Cipó Collection by Thais Bernardes

The Amazon in a Jewel. Homage to the “Plant of Visions” in the Cipó Collection by Thais Bernardes

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There’s a story to tell behind every jewel by the Brazilian designer, who pays tribute to the ancient traditions of her own Motherland in the hand-made embroideries of the gold-plated silver earrings with rhinestones.

Upon first glance, the spheres of the Cipó collection may look like simple bundles of tangled threads. Nonetheless, behind the unique design of these jewels, made of gold-plated sterling silver and embedded rhinestones, hides the inspiration of a millenary culture, where nature is pure and uncontaminated and mankind lives in a symbiotic bond with the mother earth that hosts them.

This capsule collection by Thais Bernardes owes its name to the cipó-mariri (from the indigenous tupi language “ysypó”), a South American liana growing in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the area most rich in biodiversity and treasures of archaic knowledge in the planet.

The “Plant of Visions”

Sacred to the natives, this plant has been used since millennia in a ritual of liberation of the body and soul from impurities by the shamans of the forest, who boil it to obtain a drink known as “ayahuasca”, capable of arousing powerful hallucinations and letting the mind travel in time and space, thus opening a communication with ancestors and forces of nature.

The Brazilian Tradition of trançado

It is with the fiber of this plant that the natives realize the characteristic interweaving (trançado in Portuguese) – reproduced in the sterling silver earrings of the Cipó collection – that is the outcome of a complex processing used to create different types of objects, such as hats, baskets, nets, sculptures and artworks. Skillfully hand-made objects, just like Thais’s jewels, whose greatest quality and value lies in the encounter with the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

In Brazil, this type of interweaving appears everywhere in indigenous tribes as it is deep-rooted in the history and myths of these peoples. The act of weaving is intrinsically connected to the plot of men's destiny. In this sense, the interweaving is not something merely formal or aesthetic, rather it is the symbol of a two-way relationship between the man and his community, and between the community and nature, in a process mutual of nourishment and enrichment. Anyone who creates a braid is, in some way, weaving the plot of a story that is handed down from generation to generation to the humanity that is yet to come.

The Cipó Collection by Thais Bernardes

In the same way, the complex embroideries of the gold-plated silver, sphere-shaped jewels by Thais Bernardes tell the story of a millenary tradition that makes any object something unique and precious.

From the silver earrings with fringes and pendent rhinestones , including the special mono earring , through the rings  that develop in two to three circles, to an exclusive piece, consisting in a handcuff  that wraps the hand at mid-palm, the Cipó collection is all about intertwining, letting the shapes envelop and hug the body, just like lianas, to embellish it and give a touch of originality to women who want to stand out with an ethnic design that is elegant and refined at the same time.

The Partnership with Survival International

There is indeed a deep and indissoluble connection between the designer and her land. That is the reason why Thais supports the rights of those who have always lived there, by choosing to donate part of the proceeds of the collection to Survival International, a worldwide association that has helped to defend the indigenous peoples and their lands since 1969.

Shop the Look

You can purchase the collection at the jewelry store on the second floor of the Brian & Barry Building in Milan (via Durini 28) and online at www.thaisbernardes.com.

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