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Jewellery Trends 2019. Authentic Luxury in One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Jewellery Trends 2019. Authentic Luxury in One-of-a-Kind Pieces

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The Evolution of Jewels

From ancient times to the contemporary world, fashion jewellery represents the aesthetic mirror of society, the evolution of customs and the technological progress. The 2019 biggest jewelry trends are demanding for our precious pieces not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but further to embody meanings that more deeply reflect our personality and values. Thais Gioielli - with its highly distinctive style, the result of an original mix between Italy and Brazil, and the core values ​​that make up its DNA - is characterized as an innovative brand model, in the sense that it is a brand for the new luxury market, more in line with the values ​​and expectations of a strong, independent, socially conscious woman, who wants to stand out.

The Excellence of Italian Craftsmanship Combined with the Preciousness of Materials

Since its creation, Thais Gioielli has set itself on very high quality standards. The 18-carat gold plated silver brings out the beauty of the colours of precious and semi-precious stones, that have their origin in the designer’s own land, Minas Gerais (“General Mines”), the world’s largest producer of precious stones and gems. The encounter with Italy, then, results in all the jewels being handmade, according to the best traditions of Made in Italy.

The Jewels by Thais Bernardes

The unique and unmistakable style of Thais Gioielli has its roots in Brazil, the designer’s native land and treasure of archaic knowledge. Each collection is a story that pays tribute to the beauty of uncontaminated nature, declined in a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes. The inspiration coming from a magical place like Brazil, the artisanal touch and the contemporary design make each piece a unique and precious talisman.

Rings 2019

The 2019 spring-summer rings are a hymn to the colours and vitality of nature awakening. And how better way to celebrate the arrival of the nice season if not with the Chevalier fashion rings  of the Brazilian Soul collection , made of gold-plated sterling silver and a couloured hand-glazed bottom or with the Parrot Ring [LINK AL CATALOGO] engraved with rhinestones and amethyst stone. Moreover there are also the “Io Tu” Ring   and “Per Sempre” (Forever)  from the Palavras collection , to consecrate the indelible bond with the special people in our lives. For those who want a touch of refinement with a light and trendy detail at the same time, the Ring Feather Charm  in sterling silver and rhinestones represents the perfect mix between style and elegance.

Bangles 2019 

The world is following the latest trend of more is more brought by Gucci and Chanel, with showy bracelets and overlapping necklaces that give life to a strongly layered look. The bracelets of the Brazilian Colors collection , in 18-carat gold vermeil on silver with coloured stones, are the perfect accessory to wear individually or combined together. More elaborate in its own kind the Medal Charm Bangle  with pendants and fringes of the Palavras collection  For those who then desire a touch of seduction, the Bangle with fringes and rhinestones of the Seduçao collection  is your ideal piece.

Earrings 2019 

Essential accessory for any woman, trendy earrings are key to bringing light to the face and complete a look. The Earrings Dream Catcher from the Filtro dos Sohnos collection, made with an exquisite weaving motif, set rhinestones and fringes, are the perfect choice for those who want to drive away bad dreams. Another must-have for this season is the mono earring: not to be missed the Earcuff Feathers  in sterling silver and blue topaz from the Brazilian Soul collection and the four-sphered Cipó Earcuff  with fringes, from the same collection . This last one, besides being an original and stylish piece, also participates in a just cause. In face, part of the proceeds of the Cipó collection is destined to the Survival International association, a worldwide movement supporting the rights of indigenous peoples.

Necklaces 2019

For this spring-summer the necklaces signed by Thais Bernardes celebrate the lightness and colours of the hot season, with the characteristic symbols of her land of origin: from the gold plated silver choker with parrots studded with colored stones, through the Medal Charm Necklace  and rhinestones of the Palavras collection (available with the words Joia, Saudade and Carioca), to the Feather Pendant Necklace, also available in the double version , made of gold plated sterling silver and feather pendants, equivalent of lightness and elegance. The feather, with its deep meanings, is something that rises upwards, becoming a symbol of hope and spiritual growth. And what better wish for this spring 2019.

Where to Buy Them

Thais Bernardes jewels are available in-store in Milan on the second floor of the Brian & Barry Building (via Durini 28) and online at www.thaisbernardes.com.

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