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Welcome Trendy Spring with the Scapular Necklace Salmo 91

Welcome Trendy Spring with the Scapular Necklace Salmo 91

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For him and for her, this exclusive piece by Thais Bernardes is the perfect fashionable accessory to kick-start this spring summer 2019.

The Spirituality in a Jewel

From antiquity to the present, the mystical value of jewelry has always been deemed fundamental in the history of civilization: the Greeks forged gold in resemblance to the divinities of the pantheon, while ancient Egyptians believed that amulets were the keys to the afterworld.

A long tradition that infuses our precious objects with meanings that elevate them to something much higher than simple jewels.

Psalm 91:2

Peculiar to the Brazilian tradition, the Scapular Necklace  by Thais Bernardes is composed of two medals in 18 carat gold plated sterling silver, onto which it is engraved Psalm 91:2 of the Old Testament in Portuguese: Direi do senhor “Ele è meu Deus, o meu refúgio, a minha fortaleza e nele confiarei” (on the back medal, the Italian translation: Io dico al Signore “Tu sei il mio rifugio e la mia fortezza, il mio Dio in cui confido”).

The medals that fall in the front and on the back, joined by a long chain that lets them fall at the height of the décolletage, are perfect to wear with a low-cut neckline, in sight of the warm season, or under the shirt, like a precious secret to be hold as sacred.

A Jewel for Him and for Her

This spring summer 2019 necklace by Thais Bernardes is a unisex, trendy and universally flattering accessory, that is original and chic worn by women but also by men. An exclusive design forged with precious materials, on which stand the words of the psalm that speak to the spirituality in all of us.

Shop the Look

The scapular can be purchased in-store at the Brian & Barry Building in Milan (via Durini 28), online at www.thaisbernardes.com or by contacting the designer directly on her Instagram  and Facebook pages.

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