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 Citrine: the Stone of Light

Citrine: the Stone of Light

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Did you know that stones have the power to change our emotions? Citrine quartz, with its intense color and brilliant reflections, instills brightness and joy of life in everyone who wears it.

The “Light Maker”

Loved for millions of years, this variety of quartz shows a wonderful shade of yellow that is very reminiscent of a lemon and owes its name to the word citron, French for lemon, in fact.

Known among the Anglo-Saxons as “Light Maker”, this precious gem embodies the energy of sunshine: they who hold it are enveloped with vibrations of positivity, hope and joie de vivre.

It is no surprise, then, that the Stone of Light has always been one of the most appreciated gems in fashion jewelry-making: be it to have a point of light or bring positive energy, or even to give a touch of original color to our look ‒ Citrine has it all.

Jewels That Shine Bright

In Thais Bernardes’ jewelry, the Stone of Light is declined in a variety of styles and shapes that adapt to everyone’s taste, combining an exclusive design, inspired by her Brazilian roots, with all the beneficial properties of a crystal that literally captures light and envelops the body with brightness and freshness.

Like in the sterling silver earrings with feather and stone from the Brazilian Soul collection, a trendy jewel that contains meanings of positivity and lightness; or, for those who want to dictate fashion with style and refinement at the same time, the Brazilian Colors bracelets ‒ composed of a thin chain in gold plated sterling silver and embedded stone, to be worn individually or combined ‒ radiate a rainbow of bright and vivid colors and are ideal for this spring summer 2019.

Where to Find Them

Visit our corner on the second floor of the Brian & Barry Building in via Durini 28, or purchase our jewels online at www.thaisbernardes.com or by contacting us directly on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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