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Thais Bernardes next target is the world
Thais Bernardes next target is the world
MFFashion articolo Thais Bernardes Gioielli

Thais Bernardes next target is the world

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Thais Bernardes creations blend Italian craftmanship and Brazilian tradition. Cipò’s capsule, which is name after an indigenous plant of the amazon rainforest held a sacred by the natives, is the latest embodiment of this union. Thais roots were the main reason behind her decision to start the homonymous jewelry brand in 2015, a harmonious fusion between ethnic and classy, Made in Italy and Brazilian heritage.


“My fascination towards gemology is something I’ve cultivated on my own throughout the years. I’ve always been intrigued by the array of gemstones that can be found in Minas Gerais” said the Brazilian designer at MFF. “I’ve always felt the need to build something, to leave a mark. It all started while I was still working as a model, during a holiday in Brazil I started learning about gemstone and the jewelry industry. Honestly, at first, making a name for myself and earn the respect of clients and suppliers has been quite difficult.


During these first five year, Thais Bernardes creations, handcrafted in Italy and made of silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stone, have made a name for themselves at important jewelry trade shows such as VicenzaOro, and, on a retail scale, in jewelry stores across Italy and at the second floor of Bryan & Barry building in Milan.


The company strategy is now focused on (expanding) entering the European and American market. “At the moment we are collaborating with numerous dealers and retailers to solidify the brand’s presence in the traditional channels, even if we don’t neglect the ever-growing

e-commerce both as strategical sales channel and as a support to the globalization of the industry.” explains Thais Bernardes. “ We have made several highly productive deals and we’re currently working on a business development strategy, which aims at putting the consumer at the center of any activity. Our first target is to find a partner whit whom we could get this project of the ground.

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