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The meaning of Dreamcatchers
The meaning of Dreamcatchers
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The meaning of Dreamcatchers

The dreamcatcher is a protective talisman that is used to protect people from  bad dreams, 
it was once usually used to protect young children by hanging it above their  beds.
The dream catcher was born with the Ojibwe population, native Indians of America, who believed that the 'DreamCatchers' would
filtered out all bad dreams and allowed only good thoughts of enter the mind.
Their inspiration comes from spiders, which is why the intertwined thread in the center of the dream catcher resembles a 
spider's web. The thread often connects to the circle in eight places in homage to a spider's eight legs.
Unlike other cultures, Native Americans viewed spiders as protectors. 
In fact, during their origin, Native Americans believed in a mystical Spider Woman whose job was to protect and care for 
children and other members of the tribe.
As the tribe grew and migrated to expand further into the country, it was no longer able to protect the entire tribe. 
As a result, she created the dreamcatcher as a way to protect the growing tribe. 

Due to this belief, mothers and grandmothers began to recreate the dreamcatcher and it evolved into a maternal memory.
Early in the morning with the first rays of sunshine, the bad dreams will fade away and the baby will have slept well at night.
The dream catcher is a sacred symbol, a mother's blessing to her children for peace and positive energy.

Despite its origins in America, the dream catcher can be a symbol of unity among the various indigenous nations.

The most beautiful legend of the 'Dreamcatchers' who attracted and Inspired Thais is the spiritual essence of nature, 
the circle of life, teaching that everything is interconnected.

He encourages us to pay more attention to our dreams, in nature, in our life, explains the designer.

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Collana Acchiappasogni Thais Bernardes Gioielli

Collana Acchiappasogni Thais Bernardes Gioielli



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