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Gioielli che racchiudono significati unici



Gioielli con significati unici

Brazilian by birth, Italian at heart, Thais Bernardes has spent her childhood in Belo Horizionte, surrounded by the beautiful and colorful gemstones of Minas Gerais, the biggest producer of gemstones amongst all Brazilian states. Since she was young she has learned to cherish and love all the distinguishing features of a gemstone: from the materials to

When and why did you leave Brazil to come to Italy?

Back in 2003 when, after a casting, a model agency from Milan asked if I wanted to move to Italy to carry on with my career as a model. I accepted the offer right away and, in no time, I started working for some of the most famous fashion stylists.

Today your brand is well established in the jewelry industry, but it hasn’t always been like that…

When I first started I had almost no resources and I can’t deny (hide the fact) that becoming completely independent has costed me pain and forced me to give up quite a lot. Always travelling, always working ridiculous hours. The life of a model is not as relaxing as people think. Besides, the fashion world is highly competitive and most of the girls are very young, whereas when I started modeling I was already 22. However, I never gave up and as soon as I got home at night I would start studying right away. In my heart I knew that if had kept believing in my dreams I would have been able to accomplish something important.

What subjects did you study?

Gemology, jewelry and design. I wanted to lay the foundation for a future in this industry.

If I not mistaken you had your first encounter with gemstone and jewels while you were spending the summer in Brazil…

Correct. Years ago, I attended a Jewelry Business course and, in that moment, I understood how fascinated I was with this world so I decided to delve deeper. As a matter of fact, while I was modeling I attended courses in Gemology and Jewelry Design and I earned a graduate degree in Fashion Brand Management in Milan.

And your first collection?

Experience and connections, together with my love for precious and semi-precious stones, pushed me into founding a brand that carries my name in 2014 and allowed me to showcase my first “works” at the 2015 Milan Fashion Week.

What’s your brand logo?

A blue Ara. This bird represents the essence of my birthplace. I use my jewels to tell my story, to display the two sides of my soul. The story of a girl, Brazilian by birth and Italian at heart.

What kind of materials do you use for your jewels?

Silver, gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones.

I would like to point out that the materials selection is based on years of research. For example, the silver used to create my jewels is eco-friendly and sustainable: we only use pure silver but we are absolutely certain that no children were employed in the mining process. It’s an ethical metal.

100% made in Italy?

Absolutely. The Italian craftsmanship together with the Brazilian inspirations gives birth to uniquely designed objects. In each and every one of my jewels I try to bring Italy and Brazil together.

Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

From what’s around me. For the first collection I took inspiration from a Brazilian indigenous tribe that used the dreamcatcher as a protective symbol. An object that represents the circle of life where bad things are wiped away to make place for positivity.

What about your last collection?

It’s called Cipò and it is inspired by a tree that grows in the Amazon forest. While I was admiring its long liana, I started thinking about crafting jewels that would weave together and end up looking like a sphere. You should really see it. I will premier them at Vicenza Gold in September.

A jewel that you’d always wear?

A pendant, laid down the neckline, bearer of a specific meaning because style is not just about beauty.

How would you describe them?

Jewels for elegant, independent and feminine women that want to express their uniqueness by wearing something that has a story to tell.

Where can we find them?

Online shop at www.thaisbernardes.com and the best in jewelry stores across Italy.



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