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"I learnt from the Italians to value detail and invest in quality. My jewellery follows a contemporary style for women who wish, at the same time, to dictate fashion with elegance and lightness" Thais, creative director and CEO.

A bit of history

Thais spent her childhood surrounded by the colours and beauty of natural stones.
Brazilian, born and raised in Minas Gerais, the largest producer of natural precious stones among the states of Brazil. Since childhood, she has learnt to appreciate and love the variety, nuances, materials and richness of precious stones. Together with nature, the warmth of the people, the vastness of the breathtaking landscapes, which are part of her heritage, until the moment she left Brazil to see the world as a professional model.

For this reason, at the same time as her modelling career, she completed studies in Gemology and Jewelry Design and also obtained a Master's degree in Fashion Brand Management in Milan. All her experience and knowledge, together with her love for coloured stones, led Thais to found the brand that bears her name in 2015. THAIS BERNARDES jewellery has a unique design, made of precious materials and natural stones, where Italian craftsmanship combined with the inspiration of Brazilian nature creates inimitable objects.

Each of her collections encapsulates a deep-rooted meaning, which Thais also wants to transfer to the world through her fine jewellery.

An example of this is the feather, which we also find in the brand's logo. "When I was still a child, my grandmother gave me a blue feather to hang around my neck as a lucky talisman. This feather was a symbol of freedom and courage for the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. From that day on, I realised that I had to spread this neglected culture and I realised how important it is to hand down traditions and symbols from generation to generation to prevent them from dissipating with time, especially now that we are living in an overly fast-paced world".

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