For you, the Thais Bernardes Guarantee

Our uniquely designed products, crafted with skilled Italian craftsmanship, have a 3-year warranty on all jewellery purchased from our retailers and online.

Please note that the 3-year warranty is valid on all material and manufacturing defects already present at the date of purchase.

Defects or damage caused by improper use, modifications or replacements made with non-original parts and accessories and unauthorised third-party work are excluded.

Misuse' also includes the use of inappropriate cleaning products, which may alter the integrity of the jewellery.

Follow these practical tips to keep your jewellery perfect at all times:

- Avoid wearing perfumes or creams while wearing your jewellery. These beauty products can cause irreversible damage to the stones.

- Avoid the use of abrasives and detergents.

To clean your jewellery, use a clean, dry cloth, sufficient to ensure its lustre.

- Clean your jewellery often but avoid lotions, soaps and skin oils. These alter the optical properties of the stones, making them look dull.

- The treatment of your jewellery should always be done as gently as possible, avoiding scratches and breakage.

- Store the jewellery in a closed box, lined with soft cloth to prevent the metal from being damaged.

How to claim under Warranty

Customers who have purchased a product and who wish to avail themselves of the Product Warranty may do so, after having properly registered the Warranty by following one of the two methods listed here:

- By going to one of the Thais Bernardes dealers with the jewel to be repaired/replaced.

- By contacting our Customer Service to receive all information about the use of the Guarantee.

Fill in your details to activate the guarantee