A jewel at breakfast with Thais

A jewel at breakfast

A JEWEL AT BREAKFAST Milan, 4 April 2017 - Nine bloggers, among Milan's leading fashion, lifestyle and beauty influencers, met on Friday 31 March for a late breakfast at Soulgreen Milano, a vegan location recently opened in Piazza Principessa Clotilde - corner of Via Vespucci, to learn about and explore a social issue that is little known in Italy, but on which the lives of so many people, animals and plants depend, namely the Amazon and its inhabitants. "A jewel in the heart of Brazil" was the theme of the meeting, which gave various creative ideas and ideas and united the 9 bloggers in the fight for a real cause: to draw attention to the reality of the extinction of the Amazon Rainforest and the Indios tribes. The event was organised by Thais Bernardes, a former Brazilian model, now a jewellery designer, who for some years now has been making precious jewellery collections in Italy whose main feature is the fascinating design of Brazilian inspiration and soul combined with the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Thais brought the bloggers together to discuss and provide food for thought on an important initiative in which the 'Thais Bernardes' jewellery brand will carry out a project in collaboration with an international non-profit organisation to safeguard the rights of the indigenous population in Amazonia. The choice of the venue for this meeting was not accidental, Soulgreen is a venue with a green soul that is well suited to the idea of a free, wild life in contact with nature, like that of the Indios in the Amazon rainforest, and is part of the Percassi real estate group, owner of the "Kiko" and "Madina" brands, who were delighted to discover Thais Bernardes' project and attend the meeting. During the event, the 'Brazilian Soul' collection by Thais Bernardes was also presented, made with feathers in gilded silver together with small tropical birds embellished with natural Brazilian gems, a collection that has just been launched in Paris and can be seen during the FuoriSalone del Mobile (from 4 April 2017) at 'Le Biciclette' (Via Torti, Milan), and is also available online and in the best jewellers.

The bloggers present were: Alina Grey @greysrainbow, Silvia Casonato @casonatosilvia, Natasa Blair @natasablair, Barbara Donadio @barbaradonadio, Federica Delsale @federicadelsale, Monika De Liza Amarante @monika_delizamarante, Valeria Nina Sardone @valeria_nina_sardone, Manuela Zito @sciurami, Serena Autorino @the_peter_pan_collar The initiative's various hashtags could not be missed: #ungioielloacolazione #spremutadiblogger #thaisbernardesofficial #SoulgreenItalia #KikoMilano #MadinaItalia. For more information: www.thaisbernardes.com Instagram @thaisbernardesmilano Facebook @ThaisBernardes