925 silver scapular necklace

Direi do senhor 'Ele è meu Deus, o meu refúgio, a minha fortaleza e nele confiarei'
(I say to the Lord 'You are my refuge, my fortress, my God in whom I trust')
- From Psalm 91, Old Testament

A necklace composed of two pendants, one falling at the front and one at the back, this unisex accessory is actually much more than a piece of jewellery.
The 'scapular' necklace was originally worn by monks and took the form of a strip of cloth with an opening for the head, dangling on the chest and back, a symbol of faith and devotion to God.
Still widespread in Brazil, theescapulário over time, it took the simplest form consisting of two small rectangles of cloth adorned with a sacred image and connected by a rope.
An exclusive Thais Bernardes jewel, theescapulário made of 925 gold-plated silver remains a refined accessory that refers to the spirituality present in each of us.
Also available with the inscriptions 'Trust is not for sale' and 'Show me your soul , not your money'.