Crystals and their healing powers

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The most commonly used crystals and their healing powers


It helps us deal with major events and changes in our lives, finding the right solution to each situation. It supports our efforts in achieving a higher consciousness.

L'aquamarine dispels fear and stress, making way for a sense of tranquillity in our lives. It protects against uncontrolled behavioural problems and negative vibrations.

the stone of the month of March
the stone of the month for March is aquamarine


The real reason why theamethyst is considered one of the most important crystals? While most of the beneficial effects produced by stones are manifested on the physical body, stones that can improve the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional intelligence aspects are very rare. And amethyst is the queen of the latter category.

It gives a deep sense of relaxation, offering the same wonderful result you might get from spending a day in a spa. Amethyst allows you to achieve a sense of contentment and relieves everyday stress. It relates directly to your third eye chakra and helps improve perspicacity.

amethyst the stone of the month for February
amethyst the stone of the month for February



This crystal helps you achieve concentration and recollection, helping to restore balance in your life. Agate creates stability by supporting your psychophysical foundations with earthbound energy.

While helping to build up your strengths, agate at the same time downplays your weaknesses, helping you to accept them with humility. It supports your healing process by understanding the mistakes you have made, so that you can evolve along your existential path.

Blue Agate
Blue Agate


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The name of this crystal comes from the French word, citron, meaning lemon. It works with the solar plexus chakra and radiates warmth and power throughout the body and mind.

Quartz citrine does not absorb negative energies (which is what most crystals do). Instead, it rids the environment of negative energies.

It is therefore a powerful purifier, but it is also a powerful means of self-healing, self-motivation and self-improvement. It embodies the energy and positivity of the sun.

citrine stone of the month of November
citrine stone of the month of November



It is a protective crystal that repels negative energies. On a physical level, it supports the heart, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands and nervous system. It also alleviates depression, nightmares and stress.

It is for all intents and purposes a good luck charm, comparable to that particular suit or tie you would wear for a job interview. It works with the third eye chakra to offer us new perspectives and experiences that can lead us to abundance and prosperity. It instils peace and purity of mind and stimulates a clear vision of events.

Jade Stone
Jade Stone



The vibratory energy of lapis lazuli helps you reach your spiritual potential. Its power evokes wisdom, knowledge and awareness. It aids your journey towards enlightenment, banishing pettiness and stress.

It helps broaden your understanding, and is a great advantage if you want to improve your self-expression. Protects the auric field from unwanted external energies. promotes critical thinking, and is therefore the ideal crystal for writers, psychologists, managers, philosophers. It activates the higher cognitive faculties and the ability to turn dreams and plans into reality.

Lapis lazuli stone
Lapis lazuli stone



Contributes to healthy hair, bones and teeth. Supports cellular repair, nerve tissue, and sensory organs, especially sight and hearing. Facilitates childbirth and supports kidney function.

We often feel stressed because we are forced to walk on the edge every day. Onyx helps us regenerate balance energy, supporting and defending us with confidence.

With theonyx by your side you will know what ails you, finding a way to solve problems at different stages of your journey.




This vibrant stone harnesses life-giving energy to draw abundance, peace and happiness to our experience.

The healing property of peridot helps to improve one's focus on one's mind, so that it can be receptive and ready to learn new things.

The peridot is excellent for those who want money to be more present in their lives, and for those who want to increase their self-esteem. Moreover, it is the birthstone of the month of August.



Fume quartz helps to stay grounded. It encourages mental clarity while restoring the body's cellular structure.

Eliminates negative energy and helps to gain perception of reality. Activates and purifies the root chakra. It helps balance the energy field and intensifies healing. Connects us to nature, and has the ability to filter and neutralise multiple forms of negative energy.

Fume quartz has a powerful supporting action to help us turn wishes into reality.

Quartz Fume
Quartz Fume



Known for its power to foster universal love, this crystal helps us enter a rosy, romantic dimension of the world, allowing us to open our hearts to different manifestations and qualities of love, such as romantic love, love of humanity, love of family and friends, and more.

We will feel a stream of happiness, compassion, peace and forgiveness flowing through our minds and bodies as we tap into the source of the loving energy of rose quartz.

Pink quartz
Rose quartz, stone of the month June


Source: Crystal Therapy Book, Giulio Braga


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