An Italian blogger and influencer on the rise at the moment, Stefania Bravi answers questions to take away our curiosity about the world of 'influencers'.

Thais : How did you decide to start working as a fashion blogger / influencer ?

Stefania : I started 5 and a half years ago, I was attending a fashion styling course at university and I was intrigued by the blogging phenomenon. So, partly for fun, partly out of curiosity, I opened my first blog on WordPress. I never imagined that it would become my full-fledged job. Since that day, many things have changed and today The Cherry Jam has turned into a real portal for inspiration and creative content, dedicated to fashion, accessories and trendy brands. The new site will be online in a month with a new name: Gilda. I wanted to give it the name of a woman to be closer to the women who follow me every day, attracted by the world of fashion. Many things have changed since 2013, blogging has evolved, fashion has changed, and I felt the need to change too.

Thais : Can you describe how one of your working days works?

Stefania : I don't have a defined typical day, I constantly move between office work, showrooms, appointments and photo shoots. Every day, one of these activities prevails over the other.... when I am not travelling. I am lucky enough to travel a lot for work.

Thais: Do you have a style from where you get your inspiration?

Stefania : In my I-phone I have folders full of inspiration. I browse through many web galleries, check the Instagram feeds I like most on a daily basis and save the material I find interesting, study it, process it, and propose it in my own way.

Thais : How would you define your style ?

Stefania : Elegant, minimal and attentive to detail. Without neglecting the choice of accessories. A quality piece of jewellery certainly makes a difference.

Thais : Our jewellery is made for 'chic' and 'cool' women who appreciate the excellence of Made in Italy and who seek uniqueness and diversity. You are an Italian influencer, do you think this is an advantage ?

Stefania : Very much! I met Thais as a guest at a special breakfast dedicated to her jewellery, Thais Gioielli, and I have not left her since. I feel close to the brand's ideals, made in Italy and eco-sustainable products, and to the type of woman who wears the brand: refined and elegant but with a free and 'wild' soul. Thais is like me, she has a maniacal attention to detail and this makes all the difference. I am very happy to have been the brand's Ambassador for the Valentine's Day campaign, at Brian&Barry in Milan and on the web, starting in February 2018.

Thais : What are your goals/aspirations for the future ?

Stefania : I like to set myself new goals every day and work assiduously to achieve them. I have a team of people who work with me on a daily basis and we are working on the launch of the new portal, which will be online in a month: Gilda. In addition, I have recently become the official influencer of Fashion Channel, together with Federica and Francesca, influencers and close friends... so, you're in for a treat!

Thais : Would you give a piece of jewellery to your boyfriend?

Stefania : Of course! I already did it on Valentine's Day! ( Laughs )

Thais : Could you tell us a sentence that most represents you ?

Stefania : Less is more

Thais : How can we find you on instagram ?

Stefania : My account is @stefaniabravi_

Photo @gaiabonanomiph