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Italy - Brazil: 1:1

Combining the excellence of Italian labour with the richness of Brazilian nature and culture. This is the mission of the jewellery brand Thais Milano.

Riccardo Tisci and Karl Lagerfeld regret the grace and beauty of the young former Brazilian model Thais Bernardes. But she is sure of one thing: saying goodbye to the international catwalks and photo shoots was the real stepping stone to devote herself to her one and only true passion, which is the jewellery design.

Yes, because beauty is not everything and, after careful studies in gemology and jewellery design, Thais succeeded in starting her own jewellery brand in 2014 Thais Milan, line that not only bears her name, but encapsulates the very essence of the designer herself. An essence divided between two worlds, Brazil and Italy, so distant but at the same time so complementary. The first, a country of colours, good humour and joy, and Thais' homeland, and the second, Milan, which welcomed her in her early twenties at the dawn of her career as a model. Both united in a single soul, that of Thais Milano's signature jewellery.

'With the Italians, I learnt to appreciate details and to invest in quality. The inspiration, however, comes from my homeland, Minas Gerais, the largest producer of natural precious stones among the states of Brazil, with its colours and shades'.

And it is out of love for the variety, nuances, materials and richness of gemstones together with nature, the warmth of the people, the vastness of landscapes that leave one breathless, an integral part of one's heritage that jewellery with a unique and inimitable design. Jewellery that, mind you, does not have a purely exotic appearance, but which contain hidden meanings as deep as the millenary culture that inspires them. Because, as the designer herself says, style does not only pass through external beauty. Jewellery that, as in the latest collection designed for this summer, Palavras, recount the encounter between these two worlds; an encounter that takes place through the words amor, joia e saudade. Words that encapsulate in their simplicity human feelings of universal significance and the ring 'Forever' is its symbol. A symbol of the indissoluble bond between the designer, Italy and Brazil.

A mantra that, as we have seen, translates into delicate pieces with harmonious shapes, 'pinched' by that extra touch of class that only certain stones can give.

Chiara Marconi