Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro inspiration for Thais Bernardes' Corcovado collection

Corcovado black enamel necklace, 925 gold-plated silver. Thais Bernardes jewellery

I religious-themed jewellery are more than just accessories, they are symbols of spirituality that can enrich our personal style. They are often unique pieces that are not only expressions of elegance, but also symbols of faith that tell meaningful stories. This is why Thais Bernardes has chosen to dedicate her latest collection to one of Brazil's religious symbols, Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer.

Religious-themed jewellerya combination of elegance and spirituality

Wear jewellery with religious symbols goes beyond fashion, it is a statement of faith and hope that blends harmoniously with the preciousness of the raw materials. These trendy jewellerysuch as silver necklaces e silver ringsThey convey a sense of spiritual connection, allowing the wearer to carry their deepest values with them in a visible and refined manner.

La necklace with cross is certainly the trendy jewel more common, but there are many more original ones that inspire a variety of unique designs. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are adorned with finely crafted details, capturing the essence of spirituality through precious metals, coloured enamels and set natural stones, as in the Corcovado collection by Thais Bernardes.

corcovado 925 silver necklace
Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro: a unique inspiration

The Christ the Redeemer, located on Mount Corcovadois one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Thirty metres high, it was inaugurated in 1931 and symbolises the faith and spirituality of the Brazilian people. Its majesty dominates Guanabara Bay, offering a spectacular view of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The statue was designed by Brazilian sculptor Heitor da Silva Costa and realised by Frenchman Paul Landowski. Its construction took years and involved an international collaboration of artistic and engineering talents. The Christ the Redeemer represents an open and welcoming embrace, a symbol of peace, love and compassion.

rose gold scapular necklace. Thais Bernardes jewellery
Rose gold scapular necklace. Thais Bernardes jewellery

The collection Corcovado by Thais Bernardes, characterised by a unique, innovative and genderless design, consists of coloured necklaces with pendants and silver rings Gold-plated and enamelled, available in four colours, to be worn every day as lucky charms.

A beautiful pendant and a scapular necklace in 9 carat rose gold also enrich the proposal. The latter a reference to the traditional Brazilian scapular, a symbol of protection and devotion, in a cool and unisex version.

Conveying and disseminating the traditions and symbols of Brazilian culture is part of the philosophy of Thais Bernardes, who, born and raised in Brazil, brings the motifs and icons of the colourful carioca world up to date every day with her unique and original jewellery. The rings and pendants inspired by Christ the Redeemer, like all the jewellery of Thais Bernardesare more than just creations: they are a precious homage to the art, culture and spirit of Brazil.

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