earrings worn

They appear interesting due to the originality of their shapes and combinations. Moreover, one can read in them a strong link with nature and the ancestral world and they arouse curiosity because they are atypical animals for us and allow us to get to know a reality unknown to us. The jewellery therefore represents an evolution of the Brazilian tradition and a modern interpretation of today's society. Wearing them, especially at this time with autumn just around the corner, gives us a feeling of warmth and a reminder of the summer that has just gone by.

Feathers, being traditionally very colourful, are nowadays represented and juxtaposed in pendants with precious stones and in silver of different chromatic colours that give an effect of luminosity and lightness to represent the woman who wears 'Thais Bernardes' jewellery, a woman with a natural balance between 'Chic' and 'Cool'.

They can be worn for various occasions, e.g. the simpler ones can be worn for everyday wear while the ones with coloured stones can be worn for special, glamorous events. Some also have small, inconspicuous and very elegant thin chains, used as pendants that give a feeling of lightness and sensuality. They too can be worn on any occasion, easy to wear. Strictly 100% made in Itàlia from precious materials, especially 925 silver.


So why not allow ourselves the luxury/chance to pamper ourselves in this pre-winter period and give ourselves a first gift?