dream catcher earrings

Filtro dos sonhos is the Portuguese translation of the expression


The dreamcatcher originated with the Ojibwe people, native Indians

of America, who believed that the 'filtro dos sonhos' would filter out all bad dreams and allow only good thoughts to enter the mind.

As the sun rises, all bad dreams disappear.

Despite its origins in America, the dreamcatcher can be a symbol of unity between the various indigenous nations.

The most beautiful legend of 'Filtro dos sonhos' that attracted and inspired me is the spiritual essence of nature, the web of life, teaching that everything is interconnected.

He encourages us to pay more attention to our dreams,

in nature, in our lives, explains designer Thais Bernardes.

The Thais Bernardes dream catcher, is a piece of jewellery made in Italy with precious materials, natural stones and diamonds. It represents the union of Italian craftsmanship and Brazilian passion and inspiration, celebrating the best in jewellery design.