jewellery with fringes

Sensual and seductive, fringed jewellery accompanies women's gestures with a grace you can no longer do without.

First feathers and then fringes enlivened the silhouettes on last seasons' catwalks, a trend that swept the jewellery world and made them the must-have of the season. This summer will be characterised by elegant and feminine jewellery.

To give that allure of originality, femininity and in some cases, boldness, choose the most precious models: in gold and silver, studded with precious or semi-precious stones to create a play of light and colour even on a very simple summer look.

Fringes conceal a grace that you will no longer be able to do without, they will accompany your gestures, emphasise them and catch the eye. The important thing is to know how to combine clothes and accessories to avoid overly theatrical effects, and especially at the beach or on a boat, remember a very important rule: to avoid a gypsy effect, one, or at most two pieces of jewellery should be worn with swimming costumes.