Thais Bernardes jewellery cipó for survival

Elegance and sustainability in the 925 silver jewellery of the Cipó collection, which thanks to the partnership with Survival International is also concrete support for native populations and defence of their land. Which is everyone's land.

The origins of Survival

In 1969, a report appeared in the 'Sunday Times' denouncing the dramatic situation of the Amazon Indians. On hearing the news with dismay, a group of volunteers decided to form a worldwide movement to speak out for the situation of the indigenous peoples and support them in their struggle for survival.

Thus was born Survival International.

The Indians of Brazil

Today, some 305 indigenous tribes live in Brazil, totalling almost 900,000 people, 0.4% of the country's population.

The government has recognised 690 protected territories for the natives, almost all of which are in Amazonia. However, centuries of abuse have meant that very little of their ancestral territory remains today. Despite this, the indigenous people proudly continue to defend their language and customs in spite of the theft and occupation of their land, thanks in part to associations such as Survival, which, by putting pressure on those in power, fights to guarantee them the right to protect their lands and determine their own future.

The wounds inflicted on indigenous peoples and the Amazon environment are a global ecological problem, as the Amazon rainforest is a 'giant lung' that produces about a quarter of the earth's oxygen. Defending the civilisation of the Indians and its environment is also defending the future of the world.

The partnership with Thais Jewellery

This is well known by Thais Bernardes, who has decided to donate part of the proceeds of her latest creation, the Cipó collection.

Indeed, the inspiration for the Brazilian designer's latest line comes from the liana plant that grows in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and to which the indigenous people are linked by a tradition of handicrafts ancient. The handmade spheres in 925 silverwoven thread by thread to create harmonious, weightless sculptures, are combined with fringes and zircons that embellish the body and give life to a handcrafted collection with an ethnic touch but absolutely refined in its shapes and finishes. From earrings 925 silverincluding the mono earring with four spheres and pendant zircons, via the women's necklace silver with fringes and cubic zirconiaand, again, to theexclusive bracelet which wraps around the hand in the middle of the palm, each piece is unique, not only for its aesthetic quality, but also for the ethical aspect behind the whole project.

Since the creation of her brand, in fact, Thais' commitment has gone far beyond formal and aesthetic design research to include the search for materials that come from ethical and environmentally friendly supply chains.

They are jewellery for women who wish to dictate fashion with style and elegance, without neglecting an awareness that now seems to have become central even in the world of luxury jewellery. Jewellery that encapsulates meanings as profound as the millenary culture that inspires them, because, as Thais says, "style does not only pass through aesthetic beauty", on the contrary, she continues, "it is the result of an awareness that cannot be ignored. In my jewellery there is a deep connection with nature and the natives are the emblem of this spiritual communion with mother earth'.

Where to find it

The collection is available in jewellery in Milan on the second floor of the Brian & Barry Buildingin via Durini 28, and online at