chevalier ring silver 925

This spring-summer's trends are all about creativity that breaks the mould, getting back to the essence of what really matters and rediscovering a more authentic luxury. And Thais Bernardes is here for that.

The evolution of jewellery

From the ancient to the contemporary world, the fashion jewellery represents the aesthetic mirror of society, the evolution of customs and technological progress. Today more than ever the jewellery trends for this 2019 demand that bijou should not only be aesthetically beautiful, but that it should contain meanings more deeply linked to our personality and values. Thais Gioielli - with its highly recognisable style, the result of an original mix between Italy and Brazil, and the core values that constitute its DNA - is characterised as an innovative brand model, precisely in the sense that it is a brand that addresses the new luxury marketmore in tune with the values and expectations of a strong, independent, socially aware woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

The excellence of Italian craftsmanship at the service of fine materials

Since its creation, Thais Jewellery has set very high quality standards. L'925 silver plated 18-carat gold brings out the beauty of the colours of the precious and semi-precious stonesinspired by his homeland, Minas Gerais ('General Mines'), the world's largest producer of precious stones and gems. The encounter with Italy, then, means that all the jewellery is handmadeaccording to the best traditions of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

The jewellery of Thais Bernardes

The unique and unmistakable style of Thais Jewellery is rooted in Brazil, the designer's homeland and treasure trove of archaic knowledge. Each collection is a story that pays homage to the beauty of unspoilt nature, declining in a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes. The inspiration from a magical place like Brazil, the artisanal touch and contemporary design make each piece a unique and precious talisman.

Rings 2019

The spring-summer 2019 rings are a hymn to the colours and vitality of nature awakening. And how better to celebrate the arrival of fine weather than with the Chevalier fashion rings of Brazilian Soul collection at 925 silver gold-plated and hand-enamelled coloured background or with theparrot ring embedded with zircons and drop amethyst. Or even with the I You' rings e 'Forever' of Palavras collectionto seal the unbreakable bond with the special people in our lives. And for those who want a touch of sophistication with a detail that is both light and trendy, thedetachable feather charm ring at 925 silver e zircons represents the perfect mix of style and elegance.

Bracelets 2019

The world is following the latest trend of 'more is more' worn by Gucci and Chanel, with flashy bracelets and overlapping necklaces creating a strongly layered look. The bracelets of the Brazilian Colors collection at 925 silver 18-carat gold-plated with coloured stones are the perfect accessory to wear individually or in combination. More elaborate in its kind is the bracelet medals charms with pendants and fringes from the Palavras collection. For those who want a hint of seduction, the bracelet with fringes and cubic zirconia of Seduçao collection is the ideal accessory.

Earrings 2019

A must-have accessory for any woman, the trendy earrings are essential jewellery to brighten up the face and complete a look. The Dreamcatcher earrings of Filter dos Sohnos collection, made with a wonderful braided pattern, set zircons and fringes are the perfect choice for those who want to chase away bad dreams. Another must-have this season are the mono earrings: not to be missed are the mono feather earring 925 silver and blue topaz from the Brazilian Soul collection and theear cuff of Cipó collection with four spheres and fringes. The latter, besides being an original accessory, also participates in a good cause. Part of the proceeds from the Cipó collection goes to Survival International, a worldwide movement in support of indigenous peoples.

Necklaces 2019

For this spring-summer, the trendy necklaces by Thais Bernardes celebrate the lightness and colours of summer, with the typical symbols of her homeland: from the choker gold-plated silver and parrots studded with coloured stones, at the collana with medallion and zircon from the Palavras collection (available with the inscriptions Joia, Saudade and Carioca), still at feather necklacealso available in the double versionmade of gold-plated 925 silver and pendant feathers, synonymous with lightness and elegance. It is precisely the feather, with its meanings deep, it is something that rises upwards, becoming a symbol of hope and spiritual growth. What better omen to enter this spring 2019 at its best.

Where to buy them

Thais Bernardes' jewellery is available in jewellery in Milan on the second floor of the Brian & Barry Building (via Durini 28) and online at