A unisex jewellery scapular necklace Thais Bernardes

Thais Bernardes Jewellery scapular necklace

For him or for her, the scapular necklace is an exclusive unisex piece of jewellery by Thais Bernardes. It is the perfect trendy accessory to go with this spring summer 2019.

Spirituality in a jewel

From antiquity to the present day, the mystical value of jewellery has always been considered fundamental in the history of civilisations: the Greeks forged gold in the likeness of the pantheon gods, while the ancient Egyptians believed that amulets were the keys to the afterlife.

A long tradition that imbues our precious objects with meanings that make them more than just jewellery.

Psalm 91:2

A typical object of Brazilian tradition, the Necklace Scapular by Thais Bernardes consists of two medallions in 925 18-carat gold-plated silveron which Psalm 91:2 of the Old Testament is engraved: Direi do senhor 'Ele è meu Deus, o meu refúgio, a minha fortaleza e nele confiarei' (on the back the passage in Italian: I say to the Lord "You are my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust".).

The medallions that fall in front and behind, joined by a long chain that lets them drop to cleavage height, are perfect to wear with a neckline, in view of the advancing summer season, or worn under a T-shirt, like a precious secret to be jealously guarded.

A unisex jewellery scapular necklace Thais Bernardes

This spring summer 2019 necklace by Thais Bernardes is a unisex accessory, trendy e universally wearablewhich is original and chic worn by women as well as men. An exclusive design forged from precious materials, on which the words of the psalm that speak to the spirituality in each of us stand out.


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