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Light, colourful, feminine, Thais Bernardes' signature feathers unleash the vibrant energy of summer. Model and influencer Estefanía Vazquez Conde wears them against the backdrop of sunny California.

The significance of the feather

From an undisputed emblem of lightness, spiritual growth and good omen, capable of uplifting and bestowing peace and light-heartedness, to a glamorous and refined jewel capable of lending an unmistakable touch of style to any look. The feather encompasses a long history and tradition, referring directly to the culture of the Brazilian Indians, whose characteristic headdresses and ornaments of coloured feathers represent a true art form.

The meanings of the feather are many and profound, making it not only a favourite symbol in the world of tattooing and fashion, but also one of the stars of summer trends.


Feathers by Thais Bernardes Jewellery

Light, colourful, feminine, feathers indeed release all the energy of summer, projecting us to the place that most embodies it with its beautiful beaches, the ocean and the relaxed vibes that are everywhere in the air.

It is against the backdrop of California palm trees that model and influencer Estefanía Vazquez Conde wears our feather jewellery: the mini mono18K gold-plated 925 silver feather earring and the 925 silver feather necklace with amethyst drop. Jewellery characterised by an exclusive design by Thais Bernardes - a unique and inimitable design born from the meeting of Brazilian inspiration with precious materials and the fruit of 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship - that perfectly match the boho-chic mood of the Cali girlstrendy, stylish and creative, but also wearable, cool and relaxed, in line with the carefree lifestyle of sunny California.

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