The main stone for those born in August

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The main stone for those born in August is the peridot: a gemstone with light and deep olive-green hues, symbolising good luck.

Peridot originates from olivine, a common mineral from volcanoes. Most of these stones are found deep in the earth's mantle, while only a small and rare portion comes from meteorites.

Its main deposits are located in Brazil, China, Pakistan, Myanmar and the United States, but the stone has also been found in Australia, Mexico, Norway, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

The vivid colour of peridot is ideal for a sophisticated piece of jewellery and is therefore a perfect gift choice.

Peridot, the main stone for those born in August, has a fascinating and mythological history, and ancient documents show that peridot was mined as early as 1500 BC. Peridot may derive from the Greek word peridona, meaning 'to give much'. In ancient Hawaiian times, peridot crystals were thought to be the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess. The ancient Greeks and Romans used peridot in their rings, pendants and other jewellery, believing it conferred nobility.

In the 4th century BC, the ancient naturalist Pliny the Elder discovered peridot on a small Egyptian coastal island in the Red Sea. He nicknamed the stone 'topazes' and gave the island the same name. That island was later called St. John's Island, or Zabargad, which was mined until World War II.

Ancient Egyptian myth tells us that if you wear the peridot gemstone, you have the power to ward off nightmares and other forms of evil. The Egyptians at the time called it the 'sun gem' and believed it could instil confidence and power. They also believed that the stone was the most powerful when set in gold.

Peridot, the main stone for those born in August, has a history of confusion with the emeraldand many historians claim that Cleopatra's famous emerald collection actually included peridot gems.

Thanks to these magical myths, the peridot has become a symbol of strength, opportunity, peace and prosperity, making August children quite lucky and in good, protective company.

Many gemstones obtain their colour range from traces of impurities and external elements, but not peridot. Its vivid light green colour comes from the iron present in olivine. These subtle shades stroll between yellow-green and brownish-green, depending on the amount of iron. No red, blue or other primary colours here!