Hoop earrings: the fascination of shapes and the meaning of the hoop

Amazonian Jewellery Thais Bernardes 925 sterling silver hoop earrings
Hoop earrings have come back into fashion in recent years, and are increasingly popular with both women and men. These jewellery pieces not only have a harmonious and refined shape, but also fascinate because of the profound meaning the hoop carries. The circle line offers a touch of simplicity and sophistication, adapting to any occasion. Whether small and discreet or large and bold, hoop earrings add a distinctive element to the face, gently framing the lines and capturing attention with their timeless design. Hoop earrings: symbol of perfection and eternity Hoop earrings are a timeless symbol of perfection and eternity. The circular shape of the circle, which has no beginning and no end, has the meaning of infinity and continuity. Wearing hoop earrings is a way to carry this symbolism with you, giving your look an extra touch of elegance. Earrings with stones: the union of aesthetics and meaning To add a touch of luxury, hoop earrings can be embellished with natural stones. In the Colors collection by Thais Bernardes, hoop earrings with stones represent grace and elegance, and are available with different gemstones: amethyst, citrine and blue topaz, each carrying a special meaning. But that's not all, in Thais Bernardes' proposals, hoop earrings are also combined with a key element of Brazilian culture, the feather, in the Feather and Amazon collections. A symbol of lightness, spiritual growth and good omen, the feather encompasses a long history and tradition, referring directly to the culture of the Brazilian Indians, whose characteristic headdresses and ornaments of coloured feathers represent a veritable art form. The deep meaning of the circle The circle has always been associated with profound meanings in different cultures. Besides representing eternity, the circle also symbolises unity, harmony and balance. Wearing hoop earrings is not only a style statement, but also a way of carrying these values, making the jewellery more than just an accessory.

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