The rings with text for a unique message!

The rings with text for a unique message!

Rings with text represent an innovative trend in the world of jewellery because they transform a simple accessory into a unique and personal message.

Designer Thais Bernardes was inspired by this trend for her Palavras collection, in which pendants and rings with text are the protagonists.

In particular, the Per Sempre ring, in 925 rhodium-plated or gold-plated silver, is the perfect gift for a loved one as a tangible symbol of love and commitment.
This ring for men and women transforms the meaning of a piece of jewellery, creating an eternal bond between two people.

Genderless jewellery that encapsulates meanings as profound as the millennial culture that inspires them, the Brazilian culture. In the Palavras collection, the meeting of two worlds takes place through words - amor, joia, saudade - which, in their simplicity, encapsulate human feelings of universal significance.

Ring Forever: a message of love

The ring with the text 'Forever' is a declaration of love engraved in silver. Silver rings from the Palavras collection symbolise the unbreakable bond between two people, where two worlds come together to give rise to infinity. This ring, whose shape is reminiscent of the infinity symbol, has a refined design and is unisex.

Silver Rings, Timeless Elegance

Silver has always been a precious material in jewellery, and silver rings with text are the perfect demonstration of this. The versatility of this metal makes it possible to create jewellery that suits every style and personality. This jewellery is ideal for men looking for an accessory that reflects their uniqueness, but also for women who want to boldly tell the world about their personality.

Men's Rings, much more than an accessory

Men's silver rings are more than just accessories. The refined lustre of silver gives these jewellery pieces a timeless character, adapting perfectly to different occasions. Men's jewellery designed by Thais Bernardes embodies the balance between character and sophistication, offering a meaningful way to express one's personality.

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