How to choose a ring size?

Ring size Thais Bernardes Jewellery

How to choose a ring size? We know that it is very difficult to choose a ring size, especially when buying a ring online! And it becomes even more difficult if we want to choose a ring for another person.

We want to advise you on how to choose the right ring size for yourself or for another person to whom you want to give a THAIS BERNARDES ring as a gift.

We know that many people often have this doubt, so we have written down some steps to follow:

1 - check our SIZE CHART, under each ring product page you will find this document to help you get the right ring size.

2 - Remember that ring sizes vary from country to country. Here is a table to follow:

INTERNAL MEASUREMENT. US. UK. Germany Spain France Italy Japan

Size of rings Jewellery Thais Bernardes
Size of rings Jewellery Thais Bernardes

3 - When in doubt, it is always best to choose a slightly larger ring size.

4 - Another option would be to measure with the centimetre around the finger and check the table of internal ring measurements in mm.

5 - Another important thing to know is that fingers can swell depending on the temperature and the time of day, so it would be best to take the measurement at the end of the day, i.e. when the temperature is neither too high nor too low.

Finally, there are also tools for measuring fingers and rings, one is the ring gauge already equipped with measurement numbers, and the other is the ring gauge to insert a ring and see what size it is.

size rings blog Thais Bernardes Jewellery
size rings blog Thais Bernardes Jewellery


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