Cotton bracelets with feathers

If you are wondering about the meaning of feathers, you are in the right place.

The feather is a symbol very dear to the brand Thais Bernardes because it represents the undisputed emblem of lightness, spiritual growth and good omen, capable of uplifting and bestowing peace and lightheartedness. That is why its jewellery Glamorous and refined are able to lend an unmistakable touch of style to any look.

The feather encompasses a long history and tradition, leading directly back to the culture of the Brazilian Indians, whose characteristic headdresses and ornaments of coloured feathers represent a veritable art form.

The feather has a very deep meaning that makes it not only a favourite symbol in the world of tattooing and fashion, but also a trend in the world of jewellery.

Yellow gold-plated silver double feather necklace
Yellow gold-plated silver double feather necklace


Other meanings of feathers.

According to the native peoples of Amazonia, feathers are like a blessing. They remind us that we are not alone but always accompanied and helped by an invisible being.

They are, in fact, a symbol of Freedom, Courage, Free Spirit.


In the Blog Of Michela Chiarelli we find the following explanations:

"Feathers in Shamanism are sacred, they have an inestimable value. They cut across many cultures of the world, from the Americas to India, and have a double meaning: a generic and a specific one depending on the bird of origin.

Feathers are considered messages and messengers from the World Above. They are light, almost ineffable, and represent the ability to fly.

When donated, they are often a sign of recognition of the Shaman.

There are different ways of receiving a feather, sometimes finding it along one's own path, as a gift and message from the Spirits, from the living Cosmos; at other times, given by people in the community.

This is an extremely important gift that cannot be given or accepted lightly.

Such a gift entails taking responsibility for those people and the community and at the same time an acknowledgement, as giving a feather is synonymous with recognising the spirit within you'.

It gives a precious symbol of courage and freedom.

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