The search for sustainability in Thais Bernardes jewellery

Fairmined sustainable gold mini chevalier ring

There is a story to be told behind each piece of jewellery by designer Thais Bernardes, who pays homage to the ancient traditions and nature of her homeland.

All rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made through an ethical production process, starting with the rigorous Italian labour of its craftsmen.

The philosophy and lifestyle of Thais Bernardes' jewellery are in every way connected with nature, which has inspired the designer since her youth. Growing up in the midst of naturalness of stones, to the intense, bright colours of the forest and exotic animals, he always adds natural elements (fire, air, water and earth) in every design.

In its homeland, jewellery making and stone mining has a very ancient history and is handed down from generation to generation. That is why today, the aim is also to seek a fair, solidarity-based source that respects human rights, that is outside the logics of the big diamond companies based on cut, weight, clarity, colour, but that is based above all on respect for the environment and for people.

Thais Bernardes' jewellery crowns a bond and a love story that is destined to last forever, so the precious metals and stones promote eco-sustainability as a cause to be espoused. Luxury and sustainability become two words that lead in the same direction, combining quality and sophistication of products.

An important initiative aimed at respecting the environment and human rights is the collaboration with Survival International to which Thais Bernardes donates part of the proceeds of her Cipó collection.

Furthermore, the 18K gold used in its Carnival collection is extracted from mines in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia while maintaining a controlled and ethically responsible production chain to ensure that artisans and miners respect working conditions and the environment.

Buying Thais Bernardes a premium is paid on top of the price set for gold, which will be reinvested in the projects of these local communities through the association FAIRMINED.

certified Fairmined Thais Bernardes Jewellery
Certified Fairmined Thais Bernardes Jewell


Since the creation of her brand, in fact, Thais' commitment has gone far beyond formal and aesthetic design research to include the search for materials that come from ethical and limited environmental impact.

Thais Bernardes jewellery is for women who wish to dictate fashion with style and elegance, without neglecting an awareness that now seems to have become central, even in the world of luxury jewellery. Jewellery that encompasses meanings as profound as the millenary culture that inspires them, because, as Thais says, "style does not only pass through aesthetic beauty", on the contrary, she continues, "it is the result of an awareness that cannot be ignored. In my jewellery there is a deep connection with nature, with the indigenous people who are the emblem of this spiritual communion with mother earth'.

Today's luxury is to have a better world.