Thais Bernardes aims abroad

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Thais Bernardes aims abroad


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Combining Italian labour with Brazilian tradition are the creations of Thais Bernardes jewellery. The Cipò capsule, whose name derives from a typical forest plant considered sacred by the indigenous peoples of Amazonia, is the latest emblematic example. It was in fact her roots that prompted the young entrepreneur to give life in 2015 to her eponymous jewellery brand, with its ethnic and elegant taste, a harmonious fusion of Made in Italy and Brazilian heritage.

"That for gemmology is an interest that I developed independently. The stones of my home region, the state of Minas Gerais, have always intrigued me,' she told MFF the Brazilian designer. "I always wanted to build something, to leave a mark. It all started in parallel with my profession as a model during a trip to Brazil where, while on holiday, I began to study stones and the jewellery business. Initially, I admit, it was difficult to conquer my own space and above all the respect of suppliers and customers'.

In these first five years, the brand's products, entirely made in Italy from silver, gold and precious and semi-precious stones, have carved out a prominent place for themselves at important industry trade fairs such as VicenzaOro as well as, at retail level, in jewellery stores around the country and in a corner on the second floor of the Brian & Barry building of Milan.

The company's strategy now looks to expansion into the European market and the US. "At the moment we are collaborating with numerous retailers and direct retailers to consolidate the brand's presence in the more traditional channels, but it is also true that e-commerce is growing both as a strategic channel for sales and as a support for the internationalisation of the business," specified Thais Bernardes, continuing: "We have made important production agreements and we are working on a commercial development strategy that will focus heavily on putting the end consumer at the centre of all activities. The first real objective is to find the right partner to consolidate this project'. (reproduction reserved)