The power of a feather

Hard to imagine something lighter and more powerful than a feather... For the native peoples of the Amazon, then, it is a symbol of strength, boldness, free spirit. Thus, in the very hands of a talented Brazilian designer, THAIS BERNARDES, as an undisputed emblem of lightness, the feather becomes an elegant talisman-à-porter. It covers itself with 9kt pink gold, is embellished with black diamonds and stands out against thesatin silverturning into a refined and gritty jewel at the same timeGenderless and unique. Born from the encounter between the Italian labour dedicated to excellence and the inspiration of Brazilian naturemagnetic, timeless.

Jewellery dedicated to all those who are not afraid to be themselves

From Thais's fingers, creative director and ceo of the jewellery line of the same name, this amulet takes flight to lobes, décolleté, fingers, wrists, with the desire to transmit the same freedom and courage to the wearerthe same peace and carefreeness that is passed down from generation to generation among the indigenous peoples, just by giving a feather. The earrings Feathers of the collection Amazonian are supported by a 925 sterling silver hoop and can be interpreted in a thousand different ways. They can be worn in pairs or as a single earring, or even better, match to the necklace in the same line in a continuous cross-reference of light and energy. From the fine chain hangs a circular pendant in satin silver, decorated with a central feather in rose gold and black diamonds.

A trio of shades with a sophisticated yet discreet effect, which has no gender. In fact, anyone can wear it, making it shine daytime both with the most causal outfits made of denim and over shirts. Both with more formal outfitssuits or business suits. And by doing so twinkle in the eveningallowing earrings and necklace to unleash all their ancestral power on Linear design dresses sculpted in white, black. Because those of Thais Bernardes are not only jewellery but messages from the force of nature dedicated to all those who they are not afraid to be themselves.

feather      feather


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