Precious nests in support of the Amazon

Nature is made to thrill us, to surprise us. There are, for example, birds that can weave not nests but true works of art just with the help of a beak. They are architects without a degree, creators of small wonders. They are exceptional creatures to be protected, like all nature, which not only heartens us with its wonders, but also saves our lives. He knows this well THAIS BERNARDES, brand of uniquely designed jewellerymade of precious materials and natural stones.

When Italian labour combined with the inspiration of Brazilian nature creates inimitable objects

The inspiration for the collection Cipò originates from the typical plant considered sacred by the indigenous peoples of Amazonia, namely the 'cipó' (from the Tupi language: ysypó) or liana, to which the natives are linked by a ancient craft tradition. Handmade spheres 925 gold-plated or burnished silver, woven thread by thread, are light sculpturesweightless, refined and unique: no two are alike! Like Precious little nests hold all the love for the handmade and gratitude for the inspiring, primordial and unspoilt nature. They rest on linear rings, on rigid and discreet bracelets and become finely elaborated earrings. Or they are combined with fringes and zirconsresulting in ethno-chic, refined and scenic pieces. All the creations in the Cipò collection are sustainable, made from materials that come from ethical and environmentally friendly supply chains. They are jewels that, among their meticulous weaves, enclose meanings as profound as the millenary culture that inspires them. In addition, Thais Bernardes, founder and designer of the eponymous brand, decided to donate part of the proceeds of the Cipò collection to support the worldwide movement Survival International in defence of the native peoples of the Amazon and the giant lung in which they live, which produces about a quarter of the earth's oxygen. Which is everyone's land.

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