Of Venetian chains, dancing tassels and bridges between cultures

The designer and founder of the young eponymous brand THAIS BERNARDES loves jewellery and knows it deeply. He also loves the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and its powerful nature, which inspires his creations and holds so many messages, just as he loves the traditions and unparalleled refinement of Italian craftsmen and goldsmiths. In his art merged all these passions, resulting in jewellery adorned with Venetian tasselsoften mixed with feathers, which for the natives are emblems of freedom, courage and free spirit.

It is precisely the tassels that have become the hallmark of the line's jewellery Amazonian of Thais Bernardes.

Their story is intriguing because they are elements inspired by the workmanship that characterises the Venetian chain, always been one of the best known, most used and rarest. It is said that, as early as the 6th century, Venetians learnt in Constantinople this craft commonly known since 1700 as Maninin honour of the noble and ancient family considered the richest in Venice. The chain adorned noblewomen and merchant's wives, who wore several threads around their necks or wrists. It was made of tiny gold rings with a hollow semicircular cross-section, soldered together to form a long, fine mesh, so complex that even today the exact manual process, kept secret in the lagoon's goldsmith workshops, is still unknown.   Thais Bernardes interpreted it in her own way, mindful of the emotions she felt when, working as a model in the early days of her career, she remained captivated by the swaying tassels that adorned garments and accessories. He thus reproduced them in 925 silver or 18 kt yellow gold plated for enrich necklaces, define long earrings or characterise closures of the line Amazonian. The Venetian chain tassels that the designer uses to give sensual charm and sinuous movement to its jewels, they derive their strength precisely from their power to unite distant cultures. Like the chain Manin ideally linked the two ancient powers of sea markets, so today Thais Bernardes' tassels unite Italy and Brazil, hard cultures rich in knowledge, vivacity and poetry. The Venetian chain tassel by Thais Bernardes has become, with its lightness and unstoppable dance, the genderless distinctive sign of all those who know how to treasure the past in order to express themselves in the present, in freedom.

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