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Thais Bernardes: Jewellery between Amazonia and Venice

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Discover the unique jewellery of Thais Bernardes, a perfect blend of vibrant Amazonian culture and the ancient art of Venetian goldsmithing.

Jewellery that tastes of historyadventure and magic. This is what it offers Thais Bernardes, a jewellery designer who combines the Venetian goldsmith's art with the vibrant energy of the green heart of South America. Her creative journey began in the heart of the rainforest, where she learnt to know and love the history and culture of the indigenous peoples. From them, she drew inspiration for her creations, learning to see beauty in the powerful and wild nature that surrounds them.

But Thais' journey does not stop there. From Amazonia moves to Italy, home to some of the world's greatest craftsmen and goldsmiths, and arrives in lagoon. Here, he discovers the Venetian chaina gold-working technique dating back to the 6th century, so complex and refined that it is still a well-kept secret today. This discovery fascinated her so much that it became a key element in her creations.

Bracelet in rose gold, silver and black diamonds: €219.00Bracelet in rose gold, silver and black diamonds: €219.00

The Secret History of the Venetian Chain

Let us immerse ourselves in the fascinating and mysterious history of the Venetian chain. This gold working technique, dating back to the 6th century, was learnt by the Venetians in Constantinople and has been known as Maninin honour of a noble and ancient Venetian family. The chain, consisting of tiny gold rings with a hollow semicircular cross-section, adorned noblewomen and merchant's wives, who wore it around their necks or wrists. Its workmanship is so complex that even today the manual process is kept secret in Venetian goldsmiths' workshops

18 kt gold-plated silver Amazon necklace 345.00 €
18 kt gold-plated silver Amazon necklace 345.00 €

Thais Bernardes reinvents the Venetian chain, transforming it into tassels that adorn necklaces, define earrings and characterise the clasps of her tropical forest-inspired line. These tassels, made of 925 silver or 18 kt yellow gold plated, are not just a decorative element: they represent a bridge between distant cultures, uniting Italy and Brazil in an embrace of knowledge, vivacity and poetry.

The Venetian chain tassel thus becomes the hallmark of Thais Bernardes' creations, a genderless symbol of freedom and a deep connection with the past. Like a traveller crossing continents and cultures, Thais Bernardes shows us how it is possible to unite distant worlds to create something truly unique and meaningful.

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