The lively elegance of Thais Bernardes' chevaliers

The women's rings are jewellery timeless, adding a touch of character to any look, an extra element to communicate one's style. The rings Thais Bernardes stand out for their beauty and originality, thanks also to the designer's Brazilian origins, which are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Among her bestsellers, some variations of the chevalier ring do not go unnoticed.

The history of this jewel has very ancient origins, in ancient Egypt it was used as a seal in letters and official communications, and its use has been handed down over the centuries. The special shape is due precisely to the function, which makes this ring a symbol of prestige and power. The ring was engraved with the family coat of arms, the owner's initials or particularly significant symbols representing his identity. 

In recent years, this kind of precious accessory has seen a new popularity among the women's rings trendy. Made of precious materials, such as gold and silver, and enriched with precious stones and coloured enamels, the chevalier rings are certainly an original and unique choice.

But how do you wear the chevalier rings?

According to tradition, men wore them on the ring finger of the left hand and women on the little finger of the same hand. Today, any convention is certainly outdated and these jewellery can be worn in many ways, e.g. singly or in combination on different fingers, depending on the taste of the person choosing them.

The chevalier model is one of the most distinctive rings of Thais Bernardeswhich periodically presents a special edition in different colours, shapes and materials, varying between 925 silver, 18k gold, enamels and zirconia stones: from the classic mini chevaliers of the Carnival collection, enamelled in different colours and made unique by precious stones, to the very special rings of the Brazilian Soul collection, characterised by the design of a parrot, symbol of creativity, beauty and freedom: you really are spoilt for choice!

The women's rings by Thais Bernardes are unique creations that blend Italian craftsmanship and Brazilian inspiration from its origins.  

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