The stone of the month of April

diamond - the stone of the month for April

Natural diamonds make a rare and unique gift for a loved one. Considered one of the world's most solid substances, natural diamonds date back billions of years.

The diamond is the traditional good luck stone of the month of April, giving the wearer greater inner strength. Using diamonds is supposed to bring other benefits such as balance, mental clarity and abundance, but it remains unquestionably the best-known symbol of eternal love on the planet. The stories behind this most precious gem are the most diverse. In the past, for instance, it was claimed that the diamond could ward off the evil eye, preserving it from evil looks and that it could even cure viral diseases that raged in the past.


In fact, it was believed that the April birthstone had healing powers, providing protection against the plague. This is why today it has become a symbol of longevity, strength, beauty and happiness.


Besides being April's lucky stone, the diamond is a favourite gift for 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. And, of course, today the diamond engagement ring has become an almost universal symbol of love and marriage.

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