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The history of chevalier rings.

Man has always felt the strong need for an iconographic association between himself and an object, an idea or a simple dream. It is something so strong that one only has to look around to realise how much coats of arms - today referred to as logos - are part of our lives.

Historically, the origin of the ring chevalier stems from the need for personal certification. In fact, going way back in history and precisely in theancient Egypt at the time of the Pharaohswe find out who first wore a ring chevalieras a symbol of belonging to high society and consequently a symbol of power.

But this particular ring obtains its true meaning as an emblem and expression of power in the middle ageswhere those belonging to a lineage could proudly display their signet ring as a symbol of importance, power and family background.

Moreover, another purpose of the ring chevalier was to validate important documents with their own family crest, imprinting it in hot sealing wax and thus imposing a sort of signature that was always recognisable and unmistakable.

Thus the name 'seal"given to the house ring.

Today, the chevalier ring is used as an emblem of personal style and continues to communicate a sense of belonging and freedom of expression.

Examples are the rings Chevalier with parrot that characterise the brand Thais Bernardessymbolising nature and total respect for it.

The wearer becomes part of a community that has nothing to prove except its love for the earth, which is celebrated through an explosion of colour and style suitable for women with a natural balance of Chic and Cool.

Each Chevalier by Thais Bernardes is made of 925 silver, all 100% made in Italy.

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The history of chevalier rings, Thais Bernardes Jewellery Blog.