mono feather earring

From the mono earring with pendant stone, to the precious feather charm in 925 silver and coloured stones, the Brazilian Soul collection makes the feather the protagonist in jewellery that is the result of the encounter of Brazilian culture with the excellence of Made in Italy.

The feather is one of the most tattooed symbols, because it is imbued with deep meanings. It is something that rises upwards, becoming a symbol of hope, spiritual growth and good omen.

But it is also a symbol that encompasses history and tradition. It refers directly to the culture of the Brazilian Indians, whose headdresses and ornaments of colourful feathers, taken from different varieties of birds, are one of the hallmarks of their culture.

The vibrancy of the colours, the originality of the shapes and combinations make these objects a true art form.

Before that, plumaria art is the fundamental symbol with which the Indian people represent themselves, carrying out a complex work of social diversification, concerning both the group within it and its relationship with neighbouring tribes and the world of nature. Feathers carry a complex set of messages about strength, sexuality, clan membership, social status, etc.

With them, the Indians manifest, in essence, their worldview.

Along a line that runs unbroken from them to us, feathers made from fine materials remain more than ever precious objects with which to adorn oneself, which, in addition to their beauty, carry within them the strength of a deep-rooted tradition and symbolism.

The jewellery designed by designer Thais Bernardes, born of inspiration and love for this tradition, is synonymous with lightness and elegance.